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Can’t seem to find myself on the internet except for my Facebook and Myspace. But if I was another Nikki Williams, i could be the head of the NSW Mining Council, a doctor or even an author.

Podcast: Would be rather spiffy if the internet could tell your emotion through the words you use on the net.

Soundscape Review: Still wanting to go with the quiet and intimate feel in my soundscape. I’ve been re-inspired by the genius Damien Rice and particularly his song “Cheers Darlin'” with the idea of using the sound glasses make when you say “Cheers” as a means for a song. Whether I create a soundscape with different sounds to do with hospitality, or a collaborative piece with similar sounding audio, I’m unsure as of yet. I think it will take some careful planning and consideration to be completely sure with the idea.

Awesome Blog: A mate of mine Zayler has a site dedicated to amazing mixes.


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