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Happened to find out that Alex Clemens is in fact a guy I’ve been looking at on Triple J Unearthed for some time; very creepy.

And Mittens has a foot fetish and I feel sorry for him, so here’s his blog:

Soundscape Finalisation:

So I’ve decided to use Sister Bella’s as my inspiration for my soundscape. Bella’s is a small bar hidden within the maze of alleyways in Melbourne. This particular place is generally quiet, intimate and the perfect setting for a red wine and thoughts divine. In other words, I am taking the feeling I get from being in this venue, combined with the sounds of a typical bar as well as Damien Rice’s “Cheers Darlin'” in order to create my soundscape.

In relation to this project being applied to a “Lost Place”, this soundscape is related because the first time I went to Sister Bella’s, I was genuinely lost in the alleyways nearby, trying to find the venue.

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  1. The Lost Places project is more about places that no longer exist, than being lost yourself. In other words, you need to be able to put a pin on a map and say – at this spot, a building or structure or playground etc once existed, that doesn’t now..

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