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This is the blog I’ve chosen to keep a close eye on. The music and photo sections usually have some very cool findings.

Some great clips in terms of visual being linked with an appropriate soundscape:

Ryan Mcginley – the music behind it is so eerie, and combined with the ridiculously bizarre theme, some how it ends up meshing well for me.

Candy – probably my favourite film. Love the twinkling sounds to start the scene.

Blair Witch Project – yes, yes, i realise some despise this film. But I think horror/thriller films rely on the audience feeling as if the situation is real and this is exactly what I think Blaire Witch Project achieved, particularly

Theme song to Californication – It’s irony at it’s best.

Increasing traffic to a blog:

– Put a link onto Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc etc

– Link your blog to others and aim to get others to link yours to theirs

– Tags

– Participate in forums and blogs that are similar in nature


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