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Natalie Tran

– Well set out, clear contentions, little comedy, direct feedback by clicking on links to answers

Curtis Brown John’s video techniques

– Really easily understood, especially sound manipulation where the imagery imitated the sound heard, extensive list of film techniques, very helpful

ACMI Videos

The Little Frenchman

El Ajnabi

Joan Kirner

– Cut outs of character talking, documents as background, scanning images behind main speaker, documentary, montages, photos, moments in history, focus is always on main character, very little abstract techniques because documentaries are reflections on real life events.

Victor Erice

– Very little dialogue, sound effects imitating movement in film, storyline is ambiguous but resolved at the end, black and white, repetition and a feeling of closure when all is found out, comfort in knowing you’re still in the same environment when you see the same thing twice

– Time sequencing, clock, repetition of a days work in the village, seeing the mother and baby still asleep for majority of the film

Tony Soprano – Wild Thing

Clever “remix” if you like, words not their own

Hitler – another remix

Gruen Transfer – Hilarious.

So very annoying that it’s addictive because it rings in your head, well done but so very annoying. Screen casting was very effective.

Bird and the Bee – Fast cutting between words/lyrics, screen with words, very catchy, easily remembered.

Magnum vs Solo – comparison between scenes of movies, split screen very effective and easy to follow.

Ferris Club – Blue/Green colour wash, fast pacing moments, increases into fast pacing, repetition of sounds and images, water reflection, imitations of movie moments, range of camera angles and shots, flickering to gain suspense, concluded with scream, lines to create older feel

Italian Spiderman – comedy, melodramatic, shot on film to imitate time, close ups of eyes, main characters slightly off centre, quick zoom into eyes squinting, down to mouth, sweeping shots, cards to eyes to mouth, Long shot, low angle to be looking almost up barrel of gun, screen shot with character name, high shot down onto spiderman on bike, reflection in window, low shot of bike wheel spinning,

Hitchcock and the Bikini girl – such a simple concept, but as soon as it is put into words, it makes so much sense.

Confabulation – creating false perceptions of a situation, confusion between memory and imagination.


Hitchcock’s Film Techniques

Transition Types

Comics and how they work


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