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S. Frith. Ashgate Contemporary Thinkers on Critcal Musicology Series, Selected Essays, 12, Look! Hear! The Uneasy Relationship of Music and Television. Ashgate Publishing Limited, Gower House, Hampshire, England.

– Highly informative, very well written and easy to read. Focuses on the relationship between music and television and generally music being linked with visual imagery. Also many other essays on related topics written by some of the most influential music scholars and researchers.

K.J Donnelley, Film Music Critical Approaches, 9, Sound Empathy: Subjectivity, gender and the cinematic soundscape, Robynn J Stilwell (2001), 168, The Continuum International Publishing Group Inc, 370 Lexington Avenue, NY.

– Difference between film dialogue, sound effect and music in relation to all three combining to become a film’s soundscape. Highly comprehensive and detailed information, presented in a slightly scrambled manner but generally easy to navigate throughout the book.

J. Lexmann (2006). Theory of Film Music, Volume 2, Veda Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 39.

– Emphasis on the connection between music and image and the way the connections between these two medias has changed over time. Very detailed and set out in easy to read sections.

Storyboard Development:

Need to do some more searching for relevant video and photos on ABC Pool for this assignment.

– Cepia tones, browns and older, rustic feel to the video.

– Sticking to the bird’s eye view approach as seen in the last post, lots of pacing, fast and slow.

– Need to show the impression of time going slowly.

1. Opening door, low angle of feet coming into bar

2. Scene of grabbing seat, readjusting, sitting and call for waiter

3. Bird’s eye onto glass and hand, pacing begins for 30 seconds approx.

4. Perhaps photos and memories shown in this section to break up pacing.

5. Not sure yet how to finish off the piece, but will repeat the first scene of boots walking out the door.


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