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It’s a jam-packed blog full of new media in the form of music, photography, art, design and various other types.

It was created by the central blogger by the name of Jeff Hamada who is an artist in Vancouver. This blog is claimed to be one of the largest on the internet with 2.3 million page views a month and 34,298 facebook friends (as of 3 days ago).

Each of the sections are updated at the very least once a week, but the photo section is updated at least four times a week.

Favourite link: Aloe Blacc – Billie Jean

The effectiveness of this site of a blog>

– Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Email, tags, “friends” side bar, comments, FEATURED sections, recent comments, related advertising, swapmeets, other blogs, “read more” links.

In comparison to some of the other blogs, I still think this is a great blog. It’s easy to navigate, interesting content and generally well organised. The only down fall for me is the advertising (although linked to the blog’s content, it gets irritating), and the general colour palette chosen because it’s a little hectic.

Through the conversations we’ve had in class and the presentations made last week, it’s now fairly clear as to what makes a great blog and what makes a dodgy blog. The content is not the only consideration. Some of the blogs shown also sparked some rather heated conversation.

Alex’s blog “Stuff white people like” was one of these.

The idea behind this blog is to quite literally stereotype the stuff, that, white, people, like. Fancy that. Anything from sushi as a main source of lunch, coffee, picking fresh fruit to Rayban sunnies. It has it all. However there are some sister sites to this one which stereotype other minorities and majorities in society. Personally I think if this idea was taken too far, there could be some serious racial disagreements…

Nick’s Infinite State Machine

This blog definitely shows how a simple layout and design can be efficient and clear cut. I’m a big fan of black and white layouts and simple colour schemes. It also has some great content for music enthusiasts of the electro, grooves and dance genres.

Ross’ Red Threat

Another great music-orientated blog, similar to the Infinite State Machine. A simple and clear cut layout, most of the graphics is provided by the photos and videos that are posted. A very cool and recogniseable logo, easy navigation on the left hand side, and generally a very linear layout. Definitely somewhere I can see myself visiting again.


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