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Meaning, Semiotechnologies and Participatory Media

Ganaele Langlois

This journal was very densely written and probably required the reader to have some basic knowledge of the subject to gain the most from the piece. Despite this, Ganaele Langlois does raise some interesting notions to do with Semiotics and Technologies and how their relationship differs in the technological world and in reality.

One of Langlois’ earlier point is in regards to online participatory medias and their creation of a more democratized world was one of particular interest. The fact that anyone can access and contribute to these online databases of information means that there is even more of an abundance of information than in previous times. However, it also results in the need for information to be ranked by a higher party so that consumers aren’t overloaded with useless, unrelated information.

The author also goes into about how meaning is added to signs and words on a human, social and cultural basis and that this means technological meaning assigned to signs and words, will not necessarily be the same as when a human assigns meaning. I believe this gap will eventually be bridged, particularly when considering the rapid rate at which technology is developing. The computer and the internet could be incredibly powerful tools if their ability to create meaning is eventually on par with that of a human.


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