Skip navigation is a music-based website with updates about the latest touring bands, industry news, artists and bands to look out for, gig and festival reviews as well as other (occasionally pointless) information. It’s clearly set out without being overly cluttered. The theme is clearly recognizable with a simple black, white and blue colour scheme and the “who the hell” logo printed on the background layer. For a music lover who likes to update their knowledge of new music on a frequent basis, “whothehell blog” is a definite RSS feed must-have.  They also have the option of signing up to their newsletter if this is an easier method of maintaining communication. is another music website, specifically focusing on indie/electro/disco/techno music. I believe the reason this blog is so successful is because of it’s extremely organised and minimalist layout. There are very few distracting features such as side bars and multi-coloured, colour schemes. The information is up to date and always relevant to their readers who are largely indie/electro appreciators. is a must see for anyone working in or interested in the Australian Music Industry. It’s run on behalf of the Jaegermeister Independent Music Awards and has many sponsors supporting the site. It operates all year round, even when the awards aren’t in full swing. The site features upcoming artists with small, simply and well written biographies, tour dates, Youtube clips, charts etc. The layout is more complex than Electrotrash, but still well set out so that the page isn’t cluttered. Their orange, grey and white colour scheme is recognizable. They keep their tags up to date and also include Twitter updates.



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