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Storage in Collaborative and Networked Art

By Jason Freeman

This article looks at the development and influence that transmission, collaboration and networking have had on society as a creative outlet. That is, how the rise in networking sites and programs have allowed communication and collaboration between people who otherwise would not be able to meet face to face. Freeman looks at the purposes of old and new technology and expresses this with a very simple but effective quote in regards to using answering machines: “[we used to] reach out and touch someone,” whereas now “we are reaching out and touching storage.”

The author also goes into specific examples of collaborative online projects that are occurring. Particularly Jamglue which is a site where people from all over the world can log in and “jam” with people who they would otherwise not be in contact with face to face in the same time frame. This could lead to numerous music projects throughout the world. For example, people could play with their favourite musician, different music styles could be blended more easily without playing with people in different countries in real time and travelling wouldn’t infringe as much on bands and their practice sessions.


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