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Confessions of an Intellectual (Property): Danger Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Sonny Bono, and My Long and Winding Path as a Copyright Activist- Academic

By Kembrew McLeod

This was one of the best readings I have read so far throughout this semester. Although some may find the legal and business orientated subjects boring in the context of the Music Industry, I enjoy studying it and working with these laws and practices in mind. This particular essay focused on a case study as the basis for the surrounding argument about Copyright and the failure of the legal system to update itself in order to deal with new music consumer habits. The case study in question is the controversial making of Dangermouse’s Grey album which featured the use of The White Album by the Beatles and The Black Album by Jay Z.

Kembrew McLeod is a Copyright Activist who believes in sampling music for the making of new music. Therefore he talks about the outdated legislation which prohibits people from using other people’s material in particular ways. This is still an issue to this day. Much of the legislation regarding music related practices are outdated and no longer relevant when considering the ways in which music consumers are both listening to and creating new music. Mashups and remixes are the main types of music being discussed in the essay.

I quite liked this article because of the extremely relevant and interesting case studies that are mentioned. I would be very interested in being part of “Negativland” which were a group of prankster radio hosts.


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