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A Short Manifesto on the future of Attention – An interesting concept, but a very hard thing to take over the world with. Attention is a psychological matter that cannot yet be purposefully changed. The only time it has been changed is through diseases and syndromes such as ADD which effect the person’s ability to concentrate for the usual amount of time. I must say though, if this was to go ahead, there’s a possibility that people would gain more knowledge and at a faster rate instead of an in depth knowledge in a long period of time.

Portishead Manifesto – What a simple and effective way of saying “Get lost!” to the Music Industry and it’s followers. This manifesto isn’t necessarily trying to make people abide by these rules, it’s merely expressing their own beliefs for the ways in which they want their music to be made, delivered and heard. I actually believe writing a manifesto for a band is a great idea. It’s the equivalent of creating a niche market through the image that the band portrays. Instead of doing this physically, it is done in writing and I believe listeners and potential listeners would be more likely to listen to the band’s music if they can relate to the people who create the music. Creates a sense of belonging.

The Anti-web Manifesto – I did have a laugh while reading this. I think this could just be an internet user who is slightly irritated by the minor annoyances that can be experienced while using the web. Look, it’s not a big deal and these things are being updated and fixed on a daily basis.


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