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White Summer Band Manifesto

White Summer are a band who I am currently doing work with. In fact, I’m sitting in their living room while I listen to them jam in the next room. Their bio goes a little something like this:

“It’s the eclectic orchestration of unified spontaneity”

The raw and mysterious “White Summer” pride themselves on creating down to earth, Blues and Roots infused rock. Originally residing from coastal town Phillip Island, Victoria, lead man and drummer Jimmy “James” Stanfield, guitarist Michael Barnsley and bassist Anthony Zielke are on a voyage to reacquaint music lovers with a taste of defiant blues-rock. With dreamy guitar riffs, gritty and at times haunting vocals as well as dynamic instrumental sections, the “White Summer” boys could be described as the lovechild of the Black Keys and Kings of Leon.  White Summer deliver their live shows with the energy of a protest song but the sincerity of a Bob Dylan classic.

White Summer Manifesto

It’s vital to embrace the sea air, to remind you where you’re from.

You should take life, day by day, minute by minute and enjoy the simplicities.

Thou shalt practice the indulgent act of musicianship, only when illuminated by a sleezy red light.

You will not abuse the old traditions of “sex, drugs and rock and roll” but you won’t ignore them either.

One must always put their music before cooking a decent meal or Spring cleaning.

Always remember to stay true and organic but allow your ego to show in doses.

Aim to reach a climax while ensuring your audience follow the journey there.

Allow your demons to show, let your guard down and play your music without fear.

Check out the band:



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