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Grow to Overthrow is one of my favourite tracks by Carus – this particular video was filmed at 12 Bar Club on a trip to London in 2009. It’s one of Carus’ more uptempo songs and incorporates what he likes to call “reggae skank”. A few things which makes this a true Carus performance:

– Vocal improvisation is one of Carus’ trademarks. He uses his voice not only to add another layer to the song, but also as another means of entertainment for the audience. Throughout the ‘Acoustic at the Norfolk’ album, you can hear him imitate a kookaburra and really experiment with his improvisational skills.

– Bringing a truly Australian performance to international stages. He looks like an Australian (fair hair, tanned skin, blue eyes etc), he sounds like an Australian with a very ‘occa’ accent and acts in a very free-spirited manner on stage which I believe reflects Australians’ easy going nature.

– Attractive to all audiences: even changes the lyrics from being ‘No way Mr John Howard’ in the Australian versions to ‘Do you have a Pound?’ which is one example of Carus adapting his music to a specific audience.

– Stage presence: he isn’t afraid to dance like a fool in front of hundreds of people. Usually during a good set he will play the guitar behind his head for an extended period of time, he will encourage everyone to get involved by dancing, clapping, calling and responding etc.


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