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Carus Thompson is a solo artist who plays a mixture of acoustic, roots and Australian reggae and is originally from Fremantle but currently lives in Rosebud, Victoria.He began playing music when he was only 12 years old and began gigging as soon he was legally able to at the age of 18. Since then, he has had over 20 years experience  in independently touring, writing and recording and has developed a hugely dedicated and large following in both Australia and in Europe and North America.

His music is quite a unique mixture of country, blues and roots, folk and pop. Carus’ lyrics are often sentimental and retell his own stories of heartbreak, longing, travel and more trivial happenings during his youth such as “selling pot to pay his rent”. I believe he has gathered such a dedicated following because his music although stays true to the traditional pub rock scene, it also has a softer, more serious side and because of Carus’ naturally entertaining and sometimes outgoing stage presence.

He has been a highly influential artist in my own life in terms of learning about the Australian music scene and in understanding how artists can still “make it” without having a mainstream, commercial following. In completing this assignment based around Carus’ musical experiences, I hope to explore the ideas of:

– Independent artists feeling the need to conform to industry standards in terms of sound and appeal, at a certain point during their career.

– Disappearance and redundancy of pub rock

– Challenges surrounding being an independent artist in Australia who doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the upcoming musical artists in similar genres in Australia.

Fortunately, I met Carus several years ago and he is always happy to answer emails and questions. Therefore I plan on conducting a small interview with him and actively involving him with this assignment.


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